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Living in Paris – One of the most famous cities in the world

Paris is a true metropolis and it is also one of the most famous cities in the world. So many travelers from around the globe find Paris the most magical place and it is the dream travel location, a bucket list task, for a lot of people.

I, myself, have spent a few months living in Paris a few years back during my studies and I left a piece of my heart in that city. Paris has something for everyone and there’s always something new to explore to fill your free time with activities.

If you are like me an aesthete, who loves looking at beautiful things around you, you will love Paris. All the amazing buildings, bridges, parks and even the stylish Parisians are all around and just a simple walk around the streets is an activity itself. On the weekends you can find so many incredible cafes, restaurants to visit and all the different areas to explore. It is common for families to take their kids out and hang out at a restaurant sometimes for a few hours. Life in Paris is about enjoying things at every age, good food, good coffee, your loved ones around you socializing!

One of the best things in Paris is the public transport. It is amazing, fast, on time, covers most of the city. If you get lost in Paris, just walk around the corner and you’ll find a metro station and will find your way again! During my time in the city, I lived a bit outside the city area and managed to reach the station Saint Lazare in 10 minutes by metro. You can find cheaper accommodation outside the Périphérique motor way and still work in the city easily.

When living in Paris you need to know a few things. Everything still requires a lot of paper work. Unlike in a lot of countries, everything is not electronic in France. Dealing with banks, tax offices and such usually require a bit more time and effort. Another thing is that you will be surrounded by a looooot of people everywhere you go, and you will find the kind of diversity in the city that will help you learn so much about people and yourself. So, prepare with a lot of patience when dealing with the authorities, and you will do fine!

In this city of lights, you can find anything you want. You can walk around and stumble upon the French Oscar’s just like that, you can see some of the most famous people in the world walking around the city on any given day. Additionally, you are in one of the fashion capitals of the world and close to the magical museums holding some of the most precious pieces of art inside their walls.

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Nina Filpus – Marketing Manager
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