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Living and working in a warmer climate

As the weekend approaches, I am reflecting on another week that has passed here in sunny Malaga. Like most other weeks at the office, it has been an inspiring and enjoyable week where we have been in contact with lots of candidates looking for jobs abroad.

But what we have noticed sets our lives as recruiters apart from some of our colleagues’ lives at the offices in Tallinn and Oslo is the lifestyle here in Spain; just because the workday is over, it doesn’t mean that the day is over! Whether it be in the form of dinners, padel, volleyball, paddle boarding, or mojitos at a cute sidewalk café after work.

In fact, working in Spain has taught me how to create the best work/life balance for myself that I have ever experienced in any job, so for today’s blog post I thought I would shed some light on how living in a warmer climate has improved my overall quality of life as well as work/life balance significantly.

“How? Don’t you work 40 hours per week in Spain?”, you might ask. Good question! I have spent the past few days prior to writing this blog post pondering over this exact question. I can see how it might seem counter intuitive but there are quite a few reasons how. So, here are the main reasons I find myself enjoying every minute of my workday and life here in Spain – and maybe my list will inspire you to take the plunge and apply for a job abroad too!


  • The culture – having a social life is huge in Spain! Making time for dinners with friends, family and colleagues is considered an essential part of life here.
  • The cost of living – whether it be dinners, activities or shopping, the cost of living in Spain is remarkably lower than it is in Scandinavia. Eating out every day of the week here is not uncommon.
  • The climate – the climate really allows for quality time outside, whether it be at the beach with friends or eating at nice restaurants while the sun sets. Being in the sun can really boost your mood, overall happiness, and improve your quality of life.
  • The Spanish lifestyle – Spanish people are very easy-going and relaxed, and it rubs off. If you want a stress-free life, Southern Europe is the place for you.



Have you ever considered moving abroad, but never done anything about it?

I get it. The thought of moving abroad is scary – especially if you are planning to do it alone! But here is some good news for you: you are not alone. In our jobs as recruiters, we not only help you land that job you have been dreaming about – we are also here to answer any questions you may have in regards to relocating to a different country. The common denominator for all the recruiters at the Malaga office, besides our passion for recruitment, is our love for exploring new cultures, and we have all moved abroad multiple times – so let us help you explore your options today!

Que tengais un buen finde from us at the Malaga office!


Anne Kamstrup - International Recruiter
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