Elisabeth comes from France, where she was born and raised just outside of Paris, in the West suburbs of the capital. Besides French, she does speak English and Spanish fluently. She describes herself as positive and enthusiastic person who enjoys the small pleasures of life. She always sees an opportunity to grow especially in challenging situations. She owns a bachelor’s degree in Management of Tourism Activities. Life took her to the Reunion Island, where she finished her studies and got her diploma.

She moved to Lisbon at the beginning of 2021 because she always wanted to learn Portuguese and it was the opportunity for her to discover life in Portugal. So far, her experience has been amazing! She also has lived in the United States for a total of three years, half in New York City and half in Virginia, close to Washington DC. She has also lived in Colombia for two years. All these amazing experiences were very enriching both on personal and professional levels. Her favorite place remains Colombia, such a wonderful country with a great cultural and natural diversity. The landscapes there are incredible, from the mountains to the beaches of the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, people are very nice and friendly, food is delicious, and the historical background of the country is unique.

During her free time, she loves to reconnect with nature. She usually takes walks by the river, by the ocean or in the woods whenever she gets a chance. She also likes to cook and experiment new recipes. She also does enjoy discussions about existential questions.

For the past ten years, she had the opportunity to deeply explore the tourism industry. She worked for travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, cruise line and airline companies mostly in customer service-oriented positions. After working for so many years in tourism, she was ready to take new challenges in her professional career. She loves to help, and she is fond of human interactions, so it is only natural that she turned to the recruitment area for this new and fresh start.