Introducing our new location in England – Luton!

Luton is a large town in Bedfordshire with a population of over 200 000 and situated 50 km northwest of London. The town has a lot to offer and here you can find a range of pubs, clubs and restaurants, shopping, museums and theatres but also beautiful parks and stunning countryside. Several companies have headquarters in the area and the town also attracts a lot of students with the University of Bedfordshire being located here.

The city is probably best known for its airport, football club and carnival. London Luton Airport is one of England’s major airports and from here you can fly to destinations all over Europe and even to destinations in Northern Africa and Asia. Hence, it’s easy to explore other parts of the world, but also simple to get to Luton. And once in England, a must see is of course real English football. In Luton, the place to do that is at Kenilworth Road. This is the stadium where the local team Luton Town Football Club, or “the Hatters”, play their home matches in the English Football League One. Another event you just can’t miss is Luton International Carnival. This famous carnival takes place in May and is the biggest one-day carnival in Europe!

As you can see, there is plenty to do in Luton and if that is not enough, one of the world’s most visited cities is not far away. It only takes 40 minutes by train to get to London which has a lot of additional things to offer; everything from culture and history to good food and happenings.

So, take the chance of getting in touch with some traditional British culture mixed with a multicultural feel. Luton namely have a long history and the town is believed to have been founded sometime in the 6th century. However, today Luton is also an ethnically and culturally diverse town so there are a lot of multicultural influences and something for everyone. If you want to find out all this for yourself, and especially if you are a multi-language skilled person, you should check out our open positions in Luton. Our new client here offers jobs in an exciting and modern industry and they are waiting for your application!

Frida Lönnberg - International recruiter
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