How is it to work in a call-center?

What’s it like working in a call-center? I think this is a question I’ve heard the most during my time here at Nordic Jobs Worldwide. Many think about a small basement in little hut with no air-condition and your manager pressing you to call more potential customers. Fortunately, this is not what working in a call-center is like.

Working in an International BPO (Call-center) is these days like working in a big international office with high tech equipment and modern premises. Most of the companies work either with pure customer service or customer service and up-selling. These companies are looking for fluent language-speakers to handle inbound customer calls from other international companies. No sales or commission involved.

But of course, you can also find the sales departments from call-centers too, most of the more well-known BPOs focus their sales departments on bigger international companies. These sales departments are more about selling a well-known product and maintaining an already existing portfolio of customer in the company. You don’t have to sit an do cold-calling about phone-subscriptions in these companies.

And then we have the cold-calling aspect of call-centers. These companies usually work with high-volume calls that will give a driven salesperson the possibility to make good amounts of commission each month. These jobs are not for everyone, but for those who enjoy it, there’s no living without it!

Working in a call-center can offer you many opportunities that you wouldn’t necessarily have found in other places. One of the reasons that call-centers are so prominent in these days are because they are so specialized in their field. They work constantly to improve their efficiency and teach every employee how to reach a level of an expert in what they do. The learning curve is sharp, with much experience and qualifications gained in a short amount of time.

Call-centers also offer you the chance to go abroad with a secure job that will let you go and experience a new culture, while still gaining valuable international experience and making sure that your economic situation is good. Like every single job you can find, call-center jobs are not for everyone, but call-centers offer such a wide variety of work-tasks that most of us can find something suitable that we enjoy and can bring with us into new opportunities in the future.

Jonas Steen-Hansen - Account Manager and Talent Hunter
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