Hello Friday! An exciting week behind us – Weekly update from the office

Another week done, another Friday to celebrate and a wonderful weekend ahead. It has been busy the last few days. We have definitely noticed the changing situation in the world in our daily work. We are happy to see so many people interested in our positions and the chance to move abroad to catch your dreams. We are also equally happy to see our clients moving forward with their future plans and opening up so many exciting roles for the upcoming months. Today, we wanted to finish off the busy week with a common breakfast at the office. We sat down to catch up and break some bread together. It gives the colleagues a nice boost to the start of the day and now we are full of energy!

But in case you missed it, not only our clients but Nordic Jobs Worldwide as well is hiring! Did you happen to see our blog post from Tuesday this week? If not, here’s the link to that so you can read more about the exciting new chapter in our company’s life, and all the amazing opportunities internal in the company; in Tallinn, Malaga, and of course our headquarters in Oslo. You can find the available positions on our “open positions” page on the website if you want to learn more and see if you will be eligible to apply!

I, myself, am going to leave for the holidays now. Will be taking 3 weeks off to do all the summer activities I can think of. I will talk to you in August. However, the team is still working full-on with all the requirements from our clients and there is always a smiling face to call at the office, so no worries!

Happy July everyone!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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