Happy first Friday of February!

January passed by in a blink of an eye and we are already in February, crazy! But also welcomed, as the days are getting longer here in the Nordics and it’s also a lot lighter due to all the snow we have now. And I love it!

However, not everyone likes the snow, and I’m guessing many people are sick of having been “stuck” at home for almost a year already! Many of us miss travelling, exploring new places and visit other countries. For all of you, we do have a bunch of open positions all around Europe. Whether you want to move to the sun in Lisbon, Malta or Malaga, explore an Eastern European country like Poland and the Czech Republic, or want to stay closer to the Nordics in the Baltic countries – we offer options! Yes, we do still live in a pandemic, but every client company follows respective country rules and restrictions to make sure we stay safe and healthy. As long as we can be flexible and understanding, it’s possible to get a job abroad even during this weird world situation!

In order to reach out to as many potential candidates as possible and also to follow up on our many candidates already in process for jobs, we had a company competition this week – counting calls! We do enjoy talking to our lovely candidates and building a good relationship with them, competition or not – but us Worldwiders are always up for some competing! 😉 Currently our MJW-recruiter Giovanna is in the lead, but the competition isn’t over yet when this post is out so we’ll see if anyone else can get close to her before this week is over!

That was it for this week – hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Frida Lönnberg - Senior International Recruitment Consultant
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