November is here and it is time for another guest article on our blog. This time we are travelling to Athens, Greece, to learn more about one of our candidates Eric! We actually met Eric face-to-face too when we were visiting our partner company’s premises two weeks ago. It was nice to see someone that took the chance and is happy about his new life! Let’s move on to the introduction of him.


Hi! Could you first introduce yourself shortly? Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Erik and i am from Norway

What made you apply for jobs abroad?
Being able to move to Greece was a big thing for me. I prepared myself to create a new chapter in my life. Currently unemployed I knew this was my opportunity to do this.

How did you contact Nordic Jobs Worldwide and how did everything go with that?

Through email. And it went smooth from the start.

What kind of job did you apply for/get? What were your initial thoughts when you found out about your job offer?
Support agent for Norwegian customers for camera equipment

Where did you decide to move? How did you prepare for it?
I moved to Athens, Greece. It is best if you have at least 700 euro for food and rent before your first salary.

Arriving to the new location. How did everything go in the beginning?

One of the company drivers was already waiting for me. That was really reassuring to know I would be taken care of. The hotel the company booked for me was warm and friendly. Pool at the rooftop with views to Akropolis. I was looking forward to start my training. The training and professionalism of the trainees was great. And the employer company was so helpful fixing Tax, Social Number, health insurance and providing free real estate agency to find my own apartment. You can also use an application finding an unfurnished apartment which is cheaper and rent furnishers of the real estate agency. The relocation package was top class!

Current situation. How long have you been living abroad now? How is everything going for you currently?
Have been here now for 1 month and I’m loving it here. Many new friends.

Have you had any problems, do you want to share something and help others?
A bit hard to find accommodation in 2 weeks so you need to be active in your search.

What do you find are the best things about moving to another country?
Experience new culture and city! Exciting starting new job

Do you have any tips for anyone moving to a new country? What would you want to tell them?
IF you have the opportunity, take it! you will not regret it.

This article is written by Eric, a Norwegian candidate who landed a job in Athens with the help of Nordic Jobs Worldwide
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