First week of December & getting closer to Christmas!

Happy Friday!
Do you feel the Christmas vibes? Because we do!

We are currently working remotely from several destinations across Europe from our home offices.
As you might already know if you have been following our previous weekly blog posts, we have established 3 offices. Our headquarter in Oslo, our office in Tallinn & our office in Malaga. At the moment, we encourage and motivate each other by sharing beautiful pictures of our home office views, and especially now, when Christmas has arrived! In Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Estonia the first snow has already been falling & in Malaga, the Christmas light has been turned on in the main street of the city center.


Malaga Christmas lights, 2020

If you want to see more pictures of the different work views and locations that we are all working from at the moment, there are a lot of beautiful pictures shared on our Instagram

We also shared a story with inputs from all of you, of how to motivate yourself  and your colleagues during dark and cold times at home office  when living in northern Europe, and we got so many good and positive feedback, such as:

‘’Invite your colleagues for a virtual coffee’’
‘’Eat all the Christmas cookies that you can, without anyone noticing it ‘’
‘’ Remind yourself why you love your work ‘’

At the Malaga office, the recruiters are still working from their office, based in the city center. The 5 recruiters are working hard the last 3 weeks of December, to find the perfect matching positions for all languages including: German, Dutch, French, Italian & all the Nordic languages.

And YES there are still many opportunities to get a job in December & January!
We have job opportunities in Spain, the Baltics, at Malta, in Portugal, The Netherlands & the list is much longer. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions such as:

– When is the starting dates?
– Who are the clients?
– What is the average salary in the specific country?
– What does it take to get a job abroad?

Our colleagues working remotely from Sweden send us these amazing pictures from the beautiful nature of Sweden.

Imagine taking a 10 minute break, with a cup of coffee and take a walk in the forest with fresh air and the beautiful white snow on the trees.

we wish you all a great start of December, with a lot of joy, gingerbread cookies and cinnemon tea, and ofcourse a lot of business opportunities abroad!

Ann-Kathrine K. Simonsen - Office & Delivery Manager
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