Matthias lives and work in the west of Germany in a small town called Castrop-Rauxel and speaks German, English and a bit of Polish. He describes himself as a very determined personality with high intrinsic motivation. He is always open to learning new things, and very enthusiastic about it. Overall he likes to improve himself and to work on his strengths and weaknesses. Regarding his studies, Matthias completed an apprenticeship as a real estate agent at the EBZ Vocational College Real Estate Management in Bochum as well as two further qualifications as a specialist for insurance and as a specialist for capital and financial investments. In addition, he has been able to build up knowledge in digital marketing through independent further training and online courses. In his spare time, he likes to learn, do sports and spend time with family and friends. A few years ago, Matthias spent over a year in Barcelona, one of the best experience for him, he got new perspectives out of the world and got to meet new people and familiarise with other cultures. In some years he would see himself moving to a sunnier place than Germany.


Matthias became a recruiter because he realized that he could create real win-win situations in this area, especially in the financial sector. And after some convincing interviews with Max and a very unique application process, he finally came to Multilingual Jobs Worldwide, which allowed him to prove himself in a completely new field.


A fin fact about Matthias? He likes table tennis and he is very good at it!