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We are so lucky to have employees with a lot of international experience in our company.Due to this we have a great mix of different people, lots of knowledge,and funny experiences to share with each other. What we have learned and done during our time abroad has made us grow as people, and it comes very in handy in the recruitment business as well. Enida, Terhi, Charlotte and myself have either worked or studied abroad, and we’d love to tell you a bit about our experiences!

When I studied and worked in the U.S. I made a lot of interesting and different friends, who I would never have met if I didn’t move abroad. I still speak to many of them and they have enriched my life in ways I never thought was possible! I have met some over—the-top crazy people too, but it has made me more aware how life is and how to deal with different people and situations in different ways. One of the most important things I’m grateful to bring with me from my time abroad is that I’m more open.I approach new people in a more open matter than I would have before. When I look back on my time in the U.S. I see it as magical; it was like anything could happen. That’s the American dream! 

My tip: Things are not always what you expect. Be open! 

Our Danish talent Hunter, Enida, has studied in Istanbul, worked in Oslo, and recently moved to work in our new office in Malaga! She thinks that it’s been nice to experience how lifestyles and cuisines differ from place to place, and notes that exploring new places to live can enabled you to see beyond your own environment. One thing she wasn’t quite expecting was that bureaucracy was different  fromwhat we are used to in the Nordic countries. When in Rome, do as the Romans – prepare yourself to do things a bit differently. Everyone here at Nordic Jobs Worldwide know how much Enida loves Istanbul. According to her the people there are more social and talkative than she was used to from before, and she really liked that! Her international experiences has taught her more about herself and made her want to explore the world more. 

Her best tip: Don’t let fear stop you

Our Swedish “iGaming Queen”, Charlotte, says that living on Malta for 4 years was the best thing she has ever done! She loved the warmth, sun, and the relaxed Mediterranean environment. Charlotte really built on to her professional experience there and was able to come back to Scandinavia with leadership AND international work experience.Nobody in Nordic Jobs Worldwide knows as much about Malta and the iGaming industry as Charlotte, and her knowledge is a huge advantage in our recruitment to Malta. One thing you can expect, according to Charlotte, is that standards differ from North and South of Europe, for example, but that you will learn and grow a lot from living in a new place. 

Charlotte’s tip: A new place can get some time getting used to, but if you want to try going abroad, go ahead and do it!

Our Finnish Recruiter and Delivery Manager, Terhi, has also worked and lived abroad. She was an au pair in Switzerland, was on a student exchange in Thailand, one years she had a summer job in Western Norway, where she actually met her current partner, and now she works here in Oslo. Her experiences were all very different. She learned that she loves mountains and Swiss Cheese, that she appreciates gender equality,and thatshe does not enjoy warm weather that much after all. Norway is the perfect mix for her, because it’s a bit similar to Finland,and we also havebeautiful nature and mountains here. One thing Terhi thinks after having lived in several spots, which I love, is that she will always have one “base” but several places to call home.  I can alsorecognize how “normal” she says that life feels in every part of the world, because it does! Terhi’s experiences has made her wiser and more aware of things, such as the excess use of plastic, and she has learned to appreciate things more, both in her home country and in the other locations. You cannot go wrong if you decide to try moving abroad, because even though you might not stay, you can always leave with more knowledge and experiences than you came with. 

Terhi’s tips: Take moving abroad as an opportunity to learn. 

If you wantto live abroad our recommendation is clear: just go for it! You will not regret it. You only regret the things you never did – right? Nothing is irreversible, and you will gain valuable experience about yourself, other people, professional life, and the world in general. We love travelling and look forward to going new places every time. If you have any questions about living abroad, ask us!