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​​Hi guys! This blog post will be exciting to share with you as I got the chance to show our recruiter and my dear colleague Frida the island of Malta, which has been my second home for over 3 years! I work as Client Relationship Manager for Nordic Jobs Worldwide and have the responsibility for our Malta portfolio so for me this was the perfect chance to show how amazing this little island is – and how many amazing job opportunities the iGaming industry has to offer!

This is Frida’s story about her first impression of the island and what she thinks after one intense week on this little Mediterranean pearl! Enjoy!

*Frida* This was my first time in Malta and even if I, of course, was very excited before the trip, I was also a bit nervous. I knew I would be attending one of the biggest iGaming conferences in the world as well as visit many of our existing and potential new clients. However, it turned out I didn’t have to worry at all, I had the best guide and mentor with me through the entire week, Charlotte taught me so much, not only about Malta, where to eat and what to see, but also so much about the iGaming industry and how to build up relationships with clients.

We started off at the SiGMA conference and it was some intense but also successful days. During these two days, we walked around pitching our company, exchanging business cards with other companies that could need NJW’s services. We had a lot of business opportunities here with loads of new and exciting clients! This, of course, means new and exciting jobs for us to offer our candidates! I also realized how incredibly big the iGaming industry is, and that it goes well beyond the gaming companies itself and little Malta.

After two hectic days at SiGMA, we had the weekend to do some sightseeing and Charlotte got to show as much as possible of her beloved island. I can honestly say my impression of Malta is even better after having visited it! Malta is small but still bigger than I thought. There is a busy city life with shopping, lively nightlife, and so many good restaurants and bars – all at affordable prices compared to the Nordic countries. Malta has a very old history with pretty buildings and cozy places as well with short distances to everything and always close to the sea! We also took a trip across the little island through some green fields and pretty nature and e.g. visited Golden Bay Beach, the biggest beach in Malta. So nice with some Summer vibes and warm temperatures in December!

From Monday to Wednesday we visited some of our clients on the island and it was nice to meet the people, we are in contact with, in person as well as seeing their offices. “And wow, what offices! Modern, open and nicely decorated but still cozy and having that family-feeling to it.

You can really sense that the iGaming industry is a professional but still a fun work environment and that the companies truly care about providing the best possible work environment for their employees.

We got to see some very nice roof terraces and lounge areas where the employees can play table tennis, listen to music and have a Friday beer together with their colleagues after a hard day of work. The iGaming companies also, in general, are very good at arranging all kinds of events as well; everything from team competitions and poker tournaments to Wednesday lunches, BBQs and Christmas parties.

I can definitely understand why so many Scandinavians enjoy living in Malta. There is a very big but tight network of Scandinavian and foreign people in Malta, people are more open so it’s easy to meet new people. There are very good career opportunities as well and the companies find it important to offer development opportunities to those that show the interest and are performing well.

All in all – an intense, successful and fun trip and we can both recommend you to go to Malta – take the chance to have an amazing adventure! You will not regret it!