FAQ – 10 of the most asked questions

Today we are sharing some answers to the most asked questions we get. If you have been wondering about some details related to moving abroad, maybe you will get your answer. Read along!

Is it possible to find a job abroad before moving?

  • Yes, that is very common. It is reassuring to know that you have a job and a security before you move. The companies run the whole recruitment process over phone and video, and if you get a job offer, you will get all the information and contract over email. It can be smart to find a job before you move, because many of the companies, will help you with the move.

Do employers offer accommodation, or do I need to find my own? How do I do that?

  • Most of our clients offer temporarily accommodation and help with finding a permanent apartment. It is common to be offered 2 weeks accommodation by the employer and then you will use this period to go apartment hunting. They will recommend different rental companies and you can be sure that you are not alone doing this, so many employees go together finding a house where they can have each their room. If you are finding an apartment or a spare room on your own, you can do research with rental companies, but many solve this also through social media like Facebook. There are so many Facebook groups for each country and city that you can join, where people post about their living situations, share knowledge about being new in a city or simply just build network.

What kind of job opportunities can I find in a foreign location? Is it only entry-level?

  • We offer all kind of jobs. The volume of positions we offer is usually for an outsourcing company where they work with several industries and known brands and offer positions within support. We have a continually need for specialist roles within for example finance, marketing, iGaming, and IT. If you are a true leader looking for a challenge, we also have a few management roles to offer.

Who will I meet abroad? Will I get friends?

  • You will get so many friends! You are definitely not alone in this experience and you can be sure that if you are feeling a bit scared, nervous or excited and motivated – someone else is feeling the same. The companies usually have set starting dates every month where all new employees will onboard. You will meet new people from all over the world or even from your own country. They have social events and activities where you get to know each other.

What if I don’t have very good English skills, can I apply?

  • Yes, you can. It is your native language that is your main expertise in the job. What is important, is to be comfortable and dare to speak English and understand the basics. Some of the interviews and all of the onboarding will happened in English and you will work in an international company where there is people from all over the world.

Can I move abroad with a family? Can I move abroad with a friend?

  • Yes, you can. If you move with your family, you will need to make sure the housing and economic point of view is covered. If the employer assist with relocation, they will help you as a new employee, but not your family. We have many candidates that are doing this experience with their friends and they are usually less nervous or “scared” before their travel, because they already know someone and have a person, they can share the experience with. You have a travel buddy, you can find an apartment together, you have someone you can explore a new country with and simply just enjoy this great opportunity together.

Will I regret moving abroad?

  • No, you will not. Most of our candidates comes back to us with great feedback that they have development so much career wise, but also personally, and at the same time explore a new country. If the job, employer, or location is not right, you still have learned a lot about yourself and what you would want for your next job.

I want to work abroad for two-three months, can I apply?

  • We prefer candidates that have a long-term perspective and when it comes to these jobs, at least 6 months. In any job or location, you usually need a few months to onboard, get to know the department and tasks to see if this is the right opportunity for you.

Can I work from home, remotely?

  • Some of the companies offer to work from home, but most of them is looking for someone for that particular office or department and would like to create a good work environment in the office. It is a part of the experience to gain international experience, build network and work in another country, so it is preferred that you relocate to their office.

What is my responsibility in the job application process? What is expected of me?

  • We help you in every step of the way. You apply to us with a English CV, maybe answer a few questions over video or ad a motivation letter and then we call you up to have a get-to-know-each other call, and then we handle the rest. One of the benefits of finding a job abroad through us, is that we have a close and regular contact with the employer and with you as a candidate. So, if you need more information, waiting for feedback or have any questions regarding the move – we are here for you!
Marte Larsen Holt - Delivery Manager and International Recruiter
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