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​​We often get questions regarding the salaries of our positions abroad and whether they are good or not. Some candidates expect the same salary as they have in their home country and some might even expect an increase.

You might wonder if it is worth leaving your comfort zone in your home country for a job abroad with less money in your bank account every month. Well yes, it is! In the end we need to keep in mind that moving abroad to work in another country means that you will pay the local taxes (often a lot less!) and no longer the taxes in your home country. You will also probably pay a much lower rent, spend less on groceries and I am also pretty sure that you can afford to spoil yourself with a few more visits at the restaurants each month.

Let’s have a look at an example. The average local salary for a Customer Support role in Spain is approximately 1130 euros, whereas you as a Nordic speaking employee would earn approximately 1400-1500 euros. So being a Nordic speaker moving abroad to work, you normally receive a language bonus in addition to the basic salary. Speaking a Nordic language is a great advantage in a foreign country!

If you are curious and want to compare the costs of living of your current city and another city abroad, I recommend you to have a look at It is a great tool which helps you get a better understanding and insight of the differences.

Speaking from my own experience after living in Malta, Portugal and now Spain, I can tell you that even if my salary has always been lower in comparison to Sweden and Norway, I’ve still been able to save more money each month. I’ve also been able to afford eating out more often thanks to the money I have left after the bills are paid.

So the next time you get an exciting job opportunity abroad, remember to consider the local taxes, rent prices and cost of living in general.You will of course also gain other benefits such as an international work experience, memories for life and depending on your new country, maybe a warmer climate next to the Mediterranean sea.

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