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​​Responsible gaming is an important topic in the iGaming industry – companies try their best to inform the players and support healthy gaming habits as well as offer help for those in need, players are able to set limits in terms of both money and time spent on the gaming platforms, and customer support agents within the companies are observing whether help is needed in customer contact. Therefore, high soft skills are required by the employees – if you are applying for a customer support position to a company that is within the iGaming industry, it cannot hurt to learn more about the concept of responsible gaming. Also, no worries:You are not expected to be an expert, but rather showing willingness to learn and acknowledging this subject. Read our tips from this blog post and you’re good to go!

How does it show if I know about responsible gaming or not?

Usually, the companies provide tests in the application process that include responding to customer situations via chat, and most likely with a situation where a player shows signs of a gambling addiction. Or perhaps they ask in an interview whether you have heard of responsible gaming – in any case, it is a subject that you should familiarize yourself with if you are intending to join the forces of a gaming company!

…and what should I know?

To start with, you should learn what are the signs of a gaming addiction and practice how to respond to one. If a player has trouble making payments or they communicate the need to win in order to pay bills, they will need help. If gaming is taking time from a player’s normal life such as friendships, education or work, they also likely have a gaming problem. As in these cases it is sometimes hard to see through a chat conversation, the importance is informing the player about the help that is available. Companies have tests where a player can see if they should be concerned, and they have an option to set limits on the time and money used in their platform. Setting limits can help the player to have fun with low shoulders as they won’t have to worry about using too much money or spending too much time playing. As a customer support agent, you are able to set limits for the player on their request. In a chat conversation, this could be suggested if the situation requires it.

Most important is to create and sustain a good relationship with the players.Always showing respect, care, and true willingness to help. In the iGaming industry, customer support agents are wanted to be like supportive friends while keeping the professional matter – even in a moment of trouble and frustration which can be assigned towards the agent. You are expected to be like the supporting mother – always loving and helpful, no matter the situation. Think you can do this? Then, I think you’re ready!

Tips to finish with:

  • Familiarize yourself with the company’s own responsible gaming -page: What do they say there, what kind of services and support they offer and what kind of tools you would have in your use as a customer support agent? This will prepare you well.

  • Find out tools that can be used to help a customer in need: What links can you provide so that the customer can get help through it?

  • Practice situation where you would need to be offering help. Read through your answers and consider whether they are at the same time friendly, professional and helpful. Remember to avoid any spelling mistakes.

  • If you get through the test phase, you most likely have the skills, and you will be trained to the position and receive advice about the company’s own approach to the matter once you begin! Good luck!

Responsible gaming – customer support edition