Charlotte got headhunted directly from our CEO and joined our management team from Malta. She is originally from Sweden, but has been following her dreams of living abroad for many years before she went back to our HQ in Oslo for a while. Charlotte was hired first as the Client Relationship Manager with focus on the iGaming industry.

During her first years in Malta she managed a sales team, where she understood she loves working with recruitment, helping people and making sure the right person is in the right place. Now 4 years later in 2023, she is one of the senior profiles in our company and have been promoted to a Business Developer. Today she has the responsibility of the iGaming portfolio with 80 + clients and runs a team of iGaming and IT specialists in Malta, together with her Delivery & Client Managers.
When Charlotte isn’t working, she loves travelling, enjoying nice food, dancing and meeting people from all over the world.

Favorite location: Bali