Bernadetta is a person with a positive attitude to the world and always ready to help. You can communicate with her in Polish which is her native language as well as Spanish, French and English.
She graduated in Warsaw University in the field of Linguistics. At the end of 2021 she moved to Malaga to start my journey as a International recruiter.

Bernadetta love traveling and getting to know new cultures. She has gained her experience living in several parts of the world. Her most beloved place on earth is Cuba, where she grew up for 4 years. There she got infected with the love of dancing. She has also lived in France for 4 years and in Spain in Cuenca.
In her free time, she enjoys long walks in the nature or in the city and making photographs memorising unique scenes.
She considers that even in the extreme chaos you can find order if you look in the good place.

Favorite location: Cuba