Happy Friday to all from the Oslo office!

This week it has gotten colder in Oslo and we found out that Thursday was officially “the first winter day” in 2020. Traditionally it falls on October 14th, and that is very fitting as that was when the temperature really dropped. Brrrr! I bet some of us are jealous of our candidates, or “Worldwiders” -as we’d like to call them, who have just arrived in warmer countries, like Greece, Spain and Portugal to work. We are so happy for them! Winter in Norway is beautiful, though. Look at the snapshot from the office; it is a clear, beautiful and fresh winter morning.



So, what has happened during this week? We are in week 2 of our very own “Olympic Games”, a 4-week competition where we compete in different branches of recruitment, both individually and in teams. This week the main part of the competition is to get the best results from headhunting. Maybe you have been contacted by one of our recruiters? Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us to explore the options we might have for you.

It looks lik the team who is currently leading the competition is “The Bolts”, but “Goal Diggers” is not far behind, so the next couple of weeks will be exciting. It’s nice to be able to team up with recruiters in the company who work with different languages, and from different locations. Even though we don’t see each other physically the team spirit is on top!


Now it is time to start planning for next week’s activities and competition!


Julie Rysgård – International Recruiter
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