Client meetings & Competition week in Oslo!

Happy Friday everyone – here comes the weekly update from our office in Oslo where a lot of exciting things are happening! Some of you already know that we are growing as a company and are expanding with 2 new offices in Tallinn and Malaga 😊 This also means a lot of new business opportunities and exciting positions to work with! 

Starting from next week, some of us are leaving for holiday, to get some new energy for everything that will happen in the Autumn! It has been a very intense week in the office this week with a big competition that was very fun to be part of. We are a very close team here, helping each other and as we always say – Common Success is one of our Key Values and that we have shown this week!  

We are also very good at taking breaks and lunches together to keep the team spirit in the office. This week our recruiter Jonas was kind enough to arrange a nice and summerly waffle-brunch in our kitchen that we could enjoy on our big roof terrace. Very nice break in the middle of the week!  

Right now we have a new project starting up in Thessaloniki, Greece and Lisbon, Portugal for Nordic speakers. Our client is looking for Customer Support agents for this new opportunity, and this will be a huge success! If you are ready to pack your bags and know more about this opportunity, just let us know and we will help you 😊  

It is very nice to know that we are expanding and growing as a company and if you don’t already know – we have over 130 clients in over 28 countries around the world so there is a lot of opportunities to get a new job and go for an adventure.  

Our team of native speaking recruiters are ready to help, so just feel free to reach out or have a look at all our open positions here on our webpage. 


We wish you an amazing weekend here from the Oslo office, and maybe next time the update will come from our brand new office in Tallinn!


Charlotte Kamlin - Client Relationship Manger
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