Chapter 2 – Malaga Office


Our Malaga office was established in the end of August 2020.  We started our journey with 3 colleagues including myself. Enida and Maja joined me as the first two colleagues, and moved from Oslo and our Olso Office to start a new chapter in life, in Malaga.

September 2020, we hired Anne & Giovanna and together we all had our first day at the office 1st of September. We started building up the Malaga office, in a team of 5 hardworking recruiters. Enida & Maja was promoted to Business Managers early January, and now they oversee the delivery of the Danish and Swedish markets working from Malaga.

In January 2021, we  hired Ida.  A new Swedish recruiter who has helped 2 candidates getting a job already this week! Ida and Maja are now working together towards the Swedish market. Theese pictures was taking in some of the first weeks, working from Malaga. Very excited and ready to take on the challenge. We had a vision of developing our office together as one, to grow even further. And one of our biggest dreams, was to move into a even bigger office, and hire more recruiters and talent hunters to work by our side.

We are now expanding the Malaga Office,

Even though we have enjoyed every single day of our journey so far, and quickly started to feel at ‘’home’’ at our old office. We are so happy to finally start working at our new office!

We have the last couple of months worked on finding the perfect Office in the center of Malaga. In April, we will have two new colleagues starting and we are super excited to show them our new workplace! With help from friends, we found our dream office and have been working on getting it ready, and now it is!



Last friday, We moved our stuff through the streets of Malaga, and was finally ready to open up the doors for the new chapter in our journey. We call chapter 2!  In chapter 2 we have visions, visions of how we want to develope even more and to create even more chapters in the book.  we are going work hard towards success together with our friends and colleagues in Tallinn and Olso.

We have learned that everything is possible, and thinking back from where we started in September 2020, we are also very proud of where we are!

This has been our first week working at the new office, and we have this week helped 6 people get a new job in their dream location. The feeling we have, helping people getting a job abroad, when we have been in the same situation ourselves, is amazing. We have all relocated to Spain from different parts of the world, and we enjoy every single moment of it. That’s the feeling we want others to feel as well, and that is what we work for!


It has been a week full of new impressions and a lot of excitement. We are more than happy, to start this new chapter and working towards what we love. Helping people to get a job abroad.

An overall achievement from last Friday, is that we in Nordic jobs Worldwide and Multilingual Jobs Worldwide helped 41 people a new job!

This could be you?




Ann-Kathrine Simonsen, Office Manager
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