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New colleague – 25/09/2020

Today we will continue with our good flow with new colleague introductions. This time we will stay in Tallinn, Estonia and talk more about Pille-Riin Jakobson. Let’s dive in! Pille-Riin is a native Estonian speaker with fluent English skills and she will work towards the international job market and several multilingual positions and candidates from […]


New colleague – 23/09/2020

Hello again folks! Today we are back to Estonia and the second team member introduction from our Tallinn office. This time we are going to introduce you to our Swedish speaking Finn, Inka Saavalainen. If you didn’t know, both Finnish and Swedish are national languages in Finland and some people speak Swedish as their first […]


New colleague – 21/09/2020

Hello folks! Another day, another new colleague. Today we are going to talk about our second new addition to the Malaga team, our bilingual Giovanna Arecchi who will help our candidates using her fluent Spanish and English skills. This time we will just jump into this, you already know the drill!   Giovanna comes from […]


New colleague – 18/09/2020

It is time for another new colleague introduction. However, this time we will travel up north to Estonia and the beautiful city of Tallinn. As most of you probably already know, we set up new offices in both Estonia and Spain to be closer to our clients, and that of course meant hiring new colleagues. […]


New colleague 16/09/2020

Hello everyone! You have seen us updating many times about our newest offices in Malaga and Tallinn. This also means that we have hired new colleagues to fill those office spaces and build up new teams. It is now time to introduce all of our new colleagues in more detail here on the blog. Today […]

Weekly update from the office – Week 33

Friday! The best day of the week, in my opinion. Usually, on Fridays, we have a great, happy atmosphere at the office. Often we get information about placed candidates, and as we all know, good news is a sure way to lift everyone’s spirits to a new level. Sometimes we even go out together after […]