Are you looking for a job abroad but not sure where you want to go?

Are you looking for a job abroad but not sure where you want to go?

Working abroad can offer both challenges, great moments and learning opportunities. Overall, even the challenging times turn into great learning experiences in the future.

As a recruitment company who has clients in over 28 countries, you can imagine how many opportunities we can offer to our candidates. Whether it be within IT, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and many more.

At times a candidate who newly opened to the idea of going abroad, it can be hard to figure out where you want to relocate yourself. Each country offers its own cons and benefits. Nonetheless, taking the first step is always the hardest.

So, who are you as a person, what do you expect to gain from your work abroad experience?

We currently have job offerings in following locations: Malta, Portugal, Athens, Estonia, Czech Republic, and Germany. Our job openings are changing on a daily basis, so keep an eye on our website for the newest job opportunities.

Do you want to build a career in IT, then the obvious location would be Tallinn in Estonia. Tallinn has been announced as Europe’s new IT Hub. Here we offer exciting opportunities for candidates who has a great interest in IT. A lot of multinational companies are deciding to open their office in Tallinn. The city will provide you with great career opportunities.

If your interest is to build up your CV with international experience and create a social network, then Athens and Lisbon would be great locations. The cities offer a huge network of international and Nordics. You will be able to create connections with people from around the world – and at the same time enjoy the great atmosphere of Lisbon and its beautiful beaches, streets, cafes and bars.

If you have an interest in the iGaming world, then Malta would be the obvious location. Malta is the location of hundreds of multinational iGaming companies. The little island offers great opportunities to develop in that field and positions in Customer Support, SEO, Sales, and many specialist roles. The country also offers great opportunities to build a good network of people and career opportunities.

Why you should take your first step.

Taking your first step, such as accepting a job offer in another country can be very frightening. But think about the worse case scenario. It will always provide you with a learning experience, you will know yourself more, whether something is for you or not. And you can always change your mind and go back to you home country. But at least you will know you tried.

Enida Kapetanovic – Talent Hunter

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