An update from the Tallinn Office

It has been a busy couple of months at the Tallinn office. Business has started to take shape as our international team takes on recruitment. Even though we are on month number two of the Tallinn office being open, we have had success with relocating many candidates to new jobs If you follow the Nordic jobs worldwide Instagram page you w

ould already have been introduced to our team. But to refresh your memory here we are again; Adam, Pille-Riin, Inka and Edvin. Lets not forget about our Tartu reinforcement Mart Kevin!

This week has consisted of meetings, screening calls, interviews and a bit of FIKA. Our mornings usually start with coffee, emails and our favorite country music playlist on Spotify.  October is competition month at the offices and you can almost feel it in the air around our work station. Everyone is extremely focused on their work, however we try to remember to take small breaks from time to time. Our colleague Edvin makes sure to keep our sweet tooth saturated. We started off our week with the most amazing poppy seed & condensed milk rolls Tallinn has to offer. In case you are ever in Tallinn, these can be bought from a bakery called Sõõrikukohvik, conveniently just around the corner from our office. 

Some team-members were blown away by the snow fall on Monday! Edvin found the teams excitement hilarious and provided us with a sneaky photo of an Instagram story session. A pity the snow didn’t last. However, Tallinn has officially switched to fall mode. The leaves in the trees amaze with their colors and make the city unbelievably beautiful. 

As the world situation continues to surprise us, the Tallinn team remains unshaken. We are helping people everyday to find new occupations. Our language focuses have had to be redirected, but we find it exciting to work with even more languages. At the moment we have a high demand for especially Western European languages such as German and French. Our days go by with. If you have any questions about jobs at the moment, do not hesitate to contact one of the recruiters at Nordic Jobs Worldwide.

Inka Saavalainen - International Recruiter
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