A week in the life of a recruiter

A week in the life of a recruiter is busy, challenging and rewarding! Welcome to read about a usual work week that us Nordic Jobs Worldwide recruiters experience.

A recruiter’s week at Nordic Jobs Worldwide begins with a cup of coffee early on Monday morning. What is better than starting the week early and diving into the mail box after a relaxing weekend? Recruitment industry never sleeps, and after a deserved break on weekends, a head hunter like me is inpatient to get back to work! This week we got lucky with the weather in Oslo – the sun is shining and the skyline takes on different colours throughout the day. On days like this, it is easy to start the day with a big smile!

Monday morning is the time to greet colleagues and team mates at the office and online. We have offices in Oslo, Malaga and Tallinn, but also remote recruitment consultants in Portugal, France and Finland! This means that in order for us to see our team members, the meeting needs to be online. When we meet in video calls, we get to discuss the plan for the week together for the specific market – therefore, the teams are divided for each language market and focus. This way you, the job seeker, can contact a recruiter or team that speaks your language and hear all about opportunities that we have available for you now or in the future. We are here to support both job seekers and companies that are looking for certain talents!

After the meetings on Monday morning, we pick up the phone and call our newest applicants. Did you apply? Then we are looking to hear where do you want to go, what jobs are you interested in, what languages do you speak in a native level? These and few other questions make it easy for us to match you for the most suitable job opportunity abroad! If you apply for just one job, we still make sure that it is the best option for you and discuss in wider perspective.

After the meetings and having some of the phone calls, it is already a lunch time, and four hours later we wonder where the day went. Mondays just fly by!

We have people talented with photos and video, too! This was an activity at our Oslo Office on Wednesday – new photos.

This recruitment week was also special, as we got to onboard a new colleague at our Oslo Office. At our company, each employee have their own strenghts, which we utilize when onboarding new colleagues. Talent Hunters teach their tricks, analytics and IT expert shows how to use our internal software systems, International Recruiters teach the best way to use our job portals and the one that makes the phone calls sound so smooth and professional, is the one to teach that! The list does not end here, and the load of information we are sharing in a week can be overwhelming, but the best way to show the way down to work and to helping applicants get new jobs!

During this week, we had a meeting regarding our Instagram marketing – how is it looking, what kind of content are we having and what else fun can we do with our followers? It is always wonderful to receive feedback regarding the content and helps us to know which kind of content is awaited in the future, too! We love to share bits of our days – we give office tours, views from our home offices, tips about our job locations, mention about our blog content and give other small updates weekly, if not daily.

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Here you see a valued moment of getting coffee – trust me, it is not always that we have time for this luxury! On busy days, our days are full of activity: We take new applicants into process, reply to email inquiries, put out advertisements, call our candidates that are in processes to check how it is going, call an applicant that is about to fly to a new country to make sure all is in order, have a meeting with our client and more. We do full days to help people around Europe to find their dream job!

Still, we do take time to celebrate good moments and days. We like to gather up for birthday fikas – for cake and coffee to celebrate our employees on their special days. Sometimes we like to hang out after work days on Fridays and relax after a busy week. Now it is already a bit too cold to barbeque on our terrace, so instead we go there to catch a breath of fresh air!

Our colleagues are talented and ambitious to succeed and make us, Nordic Jobs Worldwide, the top performing recruitment agency! The goal is to help our applicants to find the right opportunity and our clients to find the right employees. When we get it right at both ends, we know we have succeeded.

…and two days later from Monday, the whole week went by! This is how we feel like every Friday 🙂 Wish you a great day ahead!


Terhi Raudaskoski - Delivery Manager & Talent Hunter
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