A week in the life of a recruiter – Malaga office


Our brand-new Malaga office only opened at the beginning of September, but we are already finding our rhythm and getting comfortable working and living in this vibrant city (covid-safe, of course!). Each Monday morning, we hit the ground running, setting ourselves up for a successful week ahead. Our three Danish recruiters gather to strategize for the week, while our Swedish recruiter meets with her Delivery Manager in Estonia, and our Multilingual recruiter chats with her Delivery Manager in Norway- we´re quite the international team! After planning the upcoming week, it’s all about advertising, advertising, advertising! After work on Mondays, we typically combat those Monday-blues by meeting up with local friends for some delicious tapas. One of our favorite spots is Casa Lola.



On Tuesdays we work from our home offices, though we stay connected both with our Malaga team and our international colleagues throughout the day! Tuesday is always our most call-heavy day. Though we sometimes have calls scheduled ahead of time, we also call potential candidates to surprise them with the perfect job opportunity. Our favorite Tuesday calls are those which allow us to get on the phone with candidates and, based on the information they share with us, match-make them with a role that fits their profile like a glove. 


Wednesdays we´re back in the office, and the focus of the day is following up. As much as we love telling candidates about job opportunities, we love it even more when we hear that they have been invited to interviews. The mid-week slump is canceled out by the fact that we get to call back candidates we have bonded with previously and share good news with them regarding their applications. Oh, and our weekly padel class is helpful, too! Every Wednesday evening we hop on the train to Torremolinos, a nearby city, for our group padel class. Padel, similar to tennis (though much easier, thankfully!) is the active, energetic pick-me-up we all crave as we head into the end of the week. Give us a few months and we´ll be pros!



Thursdays are generally a day where we power through some work – we even have a “full focus” session at the end of the day, where we bring snacks, listen to music, get in the zone and get some administrative tasks done. Occasionally, we will take our “full focus” session outside the office for a change or scenery. This past week, we went to Starbucks, which is a 2 minute walk away from our office, and enjoyed a coffee and 25 degrees! Although Thursdays are typically a busy day where we try to catch up on different tasks we may have, it is also a day where we cross off a bunch of “to do”s and all leave the office feeling very accomplished!


On Fridays, we aim to be one step ahead and start planning the following week’s tasks. Friday is a day filled with positive vibes and high-fives at our office! We reflect on the week that has passed, both good and bad, and note down what we would like to improve for next week – as well as what we felt went really well. This prepares us for the week ahead, and also allows us to start completely fresh on Mondays! Although we always make sure to celebrate the small victories, everyone is extra positive on Fridays after a successful week. 


Have a great rest of the week!



Giovanna Arecchi - Talent Hunter & Anne Kamstrup - International Recruiter
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