Working in Cyprus and living the Mediterranean life

We have been working with a partner from Cyprus for a few months now, so I was thinking the location deserves its own blog post finally. Working in Cyprus is probably something that might interest a lot of people. As a Nordic person myself, I can admit that the sunshine, turquoise water and sandy beaches sound like paradise. What, no snow? Take me there! Right?

On the island Cyprus, most of the year is actually sunny with over 300 sunshiny days a year! So, if you are an outdoorsy person who loves feeling the warm rays of sunshine on your face, Cyprus might be something for you. There are plenty of fun activities and hobbies to try, for example golfing, diving, hiking and loads of various water sports, of course! While going on hikes, you get to experience the beautiful nature with amazing waterfalls, lagoons, caves etc. In addition to all of the natural resources and the climate, you can enjoy some fun activities of a touristic location, visit the zoo or the water park on a warm day and much much more!

By the way, did you know they produce wine in Cyprus? As a friend of wines, you could go out for a visit at a local winery. Go around the grounds, enjoy local food and have a wine tasting. Or, if you are a party animal, you can always go to Ayia Napa for a happy hour and join the crazy party scene. The best time for parties is during the summer months, but a lot of bars and restaurants are open year round.

Another special thing about Cyprus is the fact that the country is divided into two countries in a way. Nicosia is actually the only capital in the world to be divided into two, the southern part is Greek and the northern Turkish. This fact also brings another interesting twist to their local cuisine. It is a mixture of both Greek and Turkish food culture with some of their own dishes. Halloumi, mezedes, tahini and all the other goodies. If you are a fan of great food, you will do very well in Cyprus, I’d say!

Lastly, one might think that Cyprus, as one of the sunniest places around, with its 24 degrees celcius average temperature, wouldn’t have any winter activities to offer. This is where you are wrong, because there is actually a small ski center in Paphos! The Troodos mountains are situated an hour’s drive from both Nicosia and Limassol and offers skiing for all levels of skiers.

Photo from cyprusski.com

What a place! Again, I have learned a lot. If Cyprus sounds like a place for you, go and peep in to our open positions page to read more about available jobs on the island. Contact us and we’ll tell you more.

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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