Working in a Co-Friendly environment

Many studies have shown how important it is to feel comfortable and happy during working hours. This is not always easy, especially in highly competitive industries or if one has a more sensitive personality.

Here at Nordic Jobs Worldwide, our culture and the Teams’ well-being is a very strong point for us.

Having satisfied and comfortable employees means a better office mood, relationship, performance and better results.

How can we manage this?

We aim at highly professional relationships with our clients and amongst ourselves when work related topics and meetings are on the agenda but, when there is a break or some fun team activities, we like to enjoy each other’s company, make fun of each other, talk about daily topics, challenge each other with new ideas and competitions. We can create fun moments during a simple coffee, lunch time or when we have the pleasure to participate in some “Surprise activities” organized by our Executives.

Being respectful with each other, when it comes to work as well as for personal aspects, is what creates a nice balance.

Because there is nothing worse than that of not being able to talk to your colleagues freely or to share different opinions.

Our company’s goal is to always celebrate everyone’s success and treasure every single step toward our target.

Being a true TEAM means working together toward a common goal and here at NJW we stand by this, daily! 🙂 

Keep reading to know our latest fun team event readers!



Giulia Berardinetti- Researcher
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