Why you should work abroad now!

Many of us have considered to go abroad the last couple of months, but with the Covid-19 situation many have thought they need to put their ambitions on hold. We are going to talk a little about why these times, are in one of the better times to go abroad! Right now, we are in troubled times, but with trouble there’s also opportunity. The world is changing, and many companies are now looking to either improve or expand their departments.

We decided to answer some of the questions we have been getting frequently the last couple of weeks.

Why should you go abroad now?
Our clients are now looking for people in multiple different positions, there can be numerous reasons as to why the positions are popping up now. But one of the biggest ones, is that many companies need to replace an employee that chose to go elsewhere.

Is it possible to relocate now?
Yes! Right now, many European countries are starting to open their borders, even if your country does not have direct flights to the country your new job is in. You can still fly to another country and change flights. This means that you can go pretty much anywhere in Europe, and with some weeks in quarantine, you are ready to go!

Are there good jobs abroad now?
If you are looking to go into positions where you can learn, and develop, these are the right times. Many companies are looking for new employees, and these employees also get to try their hands at multiple work tasks. You will be able to put your mark on the company.

Will I have a secure job in these times?
The companies we work with all have a strong and solid foundation, which is also why the company has decided to go to agencies and ask for assistance in recruitment. With this, going through an agency is the best way to find the most secure companies in Europe. You will be able to work in a company that has confidence that their business with continue to expand, even in these special times.

How do I pick a job right now, where should I look?
Multiple European countries are starting to open their boarders and with this the positions also are more abundant. We recommend that you look at which countries have already opened most of their restrictions. If you need some tips, feel free to contact us! We always have time to give you some guidance. Here is a tip: Greece never locked their borders, Estonia and other Baltic countries were the first to open up their region after lock down, Malta has an industry that is mostly online and with many opportunities abroad.

Things are changing quickly in these times, and we want to help you be part of it!

Tomorrow is a new day!

Jonas Steen Hansen - Talent Hunter
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