What are the benefits of working in an international environment?

Nowadays, it is getting more and more common for people to work in international environments. People are moving around between countries much more than they used to. In Europe, there are around 50 million people living outside their home countries and there are several reasons why they have moved to another country, for some, it is love, for some new adventures, but for a lot of them, it has also been work.

These past few years, I have been working in an international environment and I am amazed how much that has changed me positively as a human being. Not only did I become better at my field of expertise due to the continuous flow of different rich inputs and points of view, but an opportunity to have an International career also makes your CV stand out from the other candidates and personally I have grown in kindness towards others.

Our international group of recruiters

If given space, different ideas will flourish that will allow the growth of companies and individuals in a short time (if not in an international environment, companies will face inertia, due to lack of different perspectives) since you will have different cultures and background education on the play.

  • One of the best ways to grow is to have to face and adapt to distinct perspectives and cultures, because then you have to question your own values and rules that normally work back at home, and when you do this in a positive way, something in you will change and normally for the better.
  • We grow and also by this wealthy process help others to grow and this wonderful thing happens just by choosing to work in an international environment!

So what are you waiting for? Take the leap!

Vanessa Sarmento - Senior International Recruitment Consultant
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