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Hello everyone!
I hope you all have had a great week! At the Oslo office, we have a bit shorter week as the 17th of May is Norway’s National day. That means that we all have the day off and will be out celebrating the day. In Norway the National Day is something everyone is celebrating; we are marching while waving our flag and sing a lot of songs. In Oslo our Royal family stands on the balcony waving to all the children and people marching and wishing us all a happy celebration. After this we eat a lot of food, have a lot of different games with family and friends and of course eat a lot of ice cream!

Bilderesultat for 17 mai

Picture: Heiko Junge / Scanpix

Bilderesultat for 17 mai
picture: NTB Scanpix

As you understand, it’s happy times at the office! Between all the having fun we of course are working hard to help all our candidates with finding their dream job! We have so much fun and exciting opportunities at the moment. You are all welcome to send in your CV to one of the International Recruiters, and they will shortly call you to discuss your opportunities with working abroad.

Marte Ødegaard Hansen - International Recruiter
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