Happy Friday everyone! Yet another week has passed, and it feels good heading into the weekend after a busy but productive week! A lot of things are happening and as a pretty new member of the team, I’m looking forward to a fall that will be anything but boring!

Summing up the highlights; this week we’ve helped 14 people getting a job in several different locations, and many more are in the process of getting one. This week we also got a new position in England and our client in Luton is now looking for Nordic and multilingual speakers. Luton is located just outside of London, so If you would like to live and work near one of the most famous cities in the world, you now have the chance! On Wednesday we also had a successful marketing meeting with a lot of good ideas for the upcoming future. Make sure to follow us on our social media platforms, so you don’t miss out on anything, there might even be some prizes insured 😉

Additionally, our new team working on a new project in Greece, is now complete as we got to welcome two more colleagues this week. If you haven’t read the last blog post yet, go check it out to read more about them as well! Some of our colleagues from the office are even going to Athens to visit our client in the beginning of next week! It’s important for us to keep a good relationship with our partners and it’s also valuable for us to see the place we are sending our candidates!

Finishing this blog post with a picture from our team lunch (and our bosses’ favourite place) on Wednesday and wishing you all a great weekend!

Frida Lönnberg - International Recruiter
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