Weekly update – Week 51

Happy Friday all!

We have finally reached the best time of the year (at least in my personal opinion 😉 ) and most of us are heading out to our home countries to spend the holidays with our loved ones. Always before such big holidays and many free days from the office, we try to prepare extra well. We have been trying to wrap up all the important things and finalize as many processes as possible.

This week, we have been getting even more into the Christmas feeling. We’ve had glögg and gingerbread cookies around the office and this morning we even had a little fika in the morning. We all sat down in our lounge area to enjoy some Christmas-y treats and shared positive things about the year that is coming to its end. What was emphasized around the group, was the fact that we have the best team in the world and a great atmosphere at the office. A lot of people said that they love coming to work each morning and have felt so included by the rest of the people in the team. This is always nice to hear of course and we are really lucky to have such colleagues next to us, who always support each other and try to help others in every way.

The year 2019 has literally flown by and so many things have happened that it feels like only yesterday when we were in Barcelona kicking off the year. Soon, we will be taking our next kick-off trip to another location, but you will find out more about that later. During the year we have been in contact with thousands of people and helped so many with finding a job abroad. It is fun to remember all the happy people that we speak to each week, that find out that they have been chosen for a job and they get to live their dream! That is the best part of what we do! Hopefully next year we get to do this even more and on an even bigger scale! Stay tuned and see what we come up with next!

By the way, keep your eyes open and check out our channels today, because we have a little Christmas surprise coming up! 😉

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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