Weekly update – Week 50

The second week of December has rolled over to its end and we are preparing to go and to spend our well-deserved weekend free days. Today it is the day of Saint Lucia (St. Lucy’s) as well, a nice tradition, celebrated especially in Sweden, here in the Nordics.

This week we finally packed up our stuff and moved to the new office. 600 square meters of our very own space to use however we like and even a 200 square meter terrasse that we are looking forward to using A LOT especially in the summer, we even have our own grill. 😉 We are definitely going to arrange some exciting happenings over on there when it gets a bit warmer.

Speaking about parties, we also had a super fun Christmas party at the office. Some of our guys actually took on the responsibility to cook a Norwegian style Christmas dinner for all colleagues and I have to say, they did an amazing job. We had two kinds of ribbe, a crispy oven-baked pork, some pinnekjøtt, which is a delicious dish made of lamb and in addition salads, fish, sauces, potatoes and to boot a few kinds of desserts in the form of cake, yummy! The guys had also come up with fun activities, for example a quiz, that is kind of becoming some kind of Worldwiders tradition and then we had a fun competition to build the best winter wonderland. I was so impressed on the results! I have such creative colleagues and I realized that I need to step up my game next time!

Even though this week has been a lot of fun with big changes and Christmas spirit, we have also worked with our business, helping our clients and candidates. This week we have helped several candidates get a job, most of them starting their new journey in January in the new year. Congratulations once again to all candidates hired!!

But now it is time to wrap this up and a few work tasks and then go and relax for two days before coming back to rock the last week before the Christmas holidays!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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