Weekly update – Week 49

The first week of December is in its full speed! Alongside of bringing a Christmas spirit to our office in the form of colleagues comparing different Christmas traditions and having Christmas songs playing in the background, December means that all of us are working towards reaching our goals before calming down for the holidays and eating our weight in Christmas food.

As the year is coming to an end and we are approaching a new decade, it’s a great time to do some self-reflecting as a company: do we practice business according to our values? We can proudly say that the answer to this question is always a big YES.

One of our main values as a company is that we find the best tailor-made solutions to match the needs of each client, and thus we build a strong relationship with our clients and candidates. Hence, last week, two of our colleagues, Charlotte and Frida attended SiGMA, an annual iGaming fair in Malta. The purpose of this trip was to meet current clients to strengthen our mutual relationship and to acquire new valuable client relationships and opportunities. It is important for us to understand our client’s needs and what they’re looking for in a candidate: “Is it an existing job or a newly created position? What are the responsibilities and expectations? What are the main components required in a candidate profile for a certain position?” Visiting our clients is just one of our many ways to make sure that we are giving our job 110% – we want to deliver the best results and taking care of our client relationships in the aforementioned way enhances this. More on Charlotte’s and Frida’s Malta-trip coming soon, stay tuned for awesome pics and detailed content!

Although December means that the year is coming to an end, it also offers room for changes and new opportunities: we are moving to a new office next week! This will enhance our quality of performing at work with bigger facilities, giving us more space for creativity and productivity. We are all super excited for this!

What it comes to new opportunities – would you like to start off 2020 with an adventure and make lifelong memories, by working abroad in your own native language? Would you want to escape the dark winter and experience a sunny Christmas with decorated palm trees instead of Christmas trees? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact me asap by sending me an email to salka@nordicjobsworldwide.com – I will help to kickstart your future career abroad.

Salka Salkoharju - Delivery Manager
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