Weekly update – Week 47

December month is slowly approaching, and although we are nurturing the Christmas vibe here at Nordic Jobs Worldwide, we are excited about the new job opportunities we can offer to our candidates.

How are you going to celebrate this Christmas? Maybe you are interested in embarking a new job in a warmer climate such as Lisbon or Greece, and start your year with a fresh mind and new experiences.

We at Nordic Jobs Worldwide are excited for our annual Christmas party! We are excited to indulge in the delicious Christmas food that we will cook together (team bonding time). It is always fun to experience the diversity in Christmas food from the countries that our lovely colleagues come from. It is also the time where we will celebrate our success together (although we do it every day, even the small ones) and reminisce about what we have accomplished in the past year.

Our main focus is always to celebrate the success we have had with helping our candidates to get their new job in a location that they will create new memories in – and also the clients we have provided good candidates to.

This year we have a special announcement, our client in Belfast is in Christmas mood and is offering a Christmas sign-up-fee of 1000 EUR to their candidates starting in November or December. This is a great opportunity to anyone who is interested in starting a new job as soon as possible. Do not forget that We are here to help you throughout the process. If you want more information, contact me enida@nordicjobsworldwide.com and I will help you.

On another note, I am providing you some Christmas vibes! Some of our lovely colleagues decided this week to pay a visit to Oslo’s local Christmas market that just opened recently! You can almost smell the roasted almonds from the picture. And I wish you a lovely weekend ahead!

Enida Kapetanovic - Talent Hunter
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