Weekly update – Week 46

Week 46 is about to come to an end..

Every recruiter at Nordic Jobs Worldwide has a hard time understanding how time flies to fast. Do you feel the same way?

Soon it’s Christmas time and before we manage to take a look around, we are in the beginning of 2020. A new year with new opportunities.

Of Course, we have the best cocktail of what a new year could turn into with our amazing job opportunities in December.

For us, 2020 is going to be the year where we move into our new office. And we are SO excited to show you guys! At the moment, we are looking at furniture and everything necessary for us to make our new office the best place to be working.

We are looking to expand so we are also beginning to recruit new Colleagues for our teams to grow even bigger. German, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish is some of the new colleagues we are looking to hire in 2020, and we CAN’T wait to meet our new team members. Maybe we even have a space for you, if you find recruitment just as amazing as we do?

Guess what? It’s snowing in Oslo!

Ann-Kathrine Kreiberg Simonsen - Delivery Manager and International Recruiter
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