Weekly update – Week 44

Week 44 is coming to an end, and as always, we’ve had a busy week with some fun events in between all the hustling! As all of you don’t know, both big boss #1 and big boss #2 (CEO&COO) were out of the office at the beginning of this week, so we had free reign to do some fun stuff!

We decided that a new week always becomes more fun with some competition involved. So we gathered together, and with an idea from our Swedish Team Leader, we decided to make our own little poker game competition (shout out to our iGaming clients). The game started with 5 cards to each employee, and with some super complicated rules, the seven most successful recruiters this week will play a poker game this Friday! The winner gets a nice price, so we’ve all been keeping our head in the game.

Friday afternoon we had the final showdown, and as always, we’ve had some show-makers in the office. As the final showdown came, multiple players threw down hand after hand that beat the next one. In the end, the first employee to put down her cards was the one with the strongest hand, so congratulations to Marte our Norwegian recruiter!

You can imagine the confident smile on Marte when we were about to put down the cards! It was almost as fun to see the buildup for the showdown, as it was to see them actually put down the cards!

And what would a good week be like, if we didn’t have lunch together! So today we all went to celebrate a job-well-done at a shopping mall and each got some special meals to enjoy. It’s nice to be able to sit all together at a restaurant and enjoy a good meal 😊

As for the normal business, it’s going well, we’ve been in touch with quite a few new and great clients, in exciting locations. We’re ready to bring you guys some brilliant experiences in the next couple of weeks! Keep updated on our page to make sure you catch the chance while it’s there!



Jonas Steen-Hansen - Talent Hunter
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