Weekly update – Week 43

Happy Friday!

It is exactly 2 months until Christmas Day and the company is already divided into groups of can’t-wait-for-Christmas and it’s-too-early-for-Christmas. The can’t-wait-for-Christmas members sneak in some Christmas songs into our playlist and wears Christmas sweaters, while the it’s-too-early-for-Christmas members keep commenting our questionable choices. To which group do you belong?

Certainly we have managed to do other things as well than fight over Christmas songs. This week, we have helped an amazing amount of people to find their dream job and created our dear applicants new job opportunities around Europe – this time in Madrid, Spain! The lucky ones having new opportunities in Madrid are native Danish, French and English speakers with sales and marketing experience. New opportunities arise constantly and therefore we recommend you to stick around if you haven’t found the perfect job yet!


Another event this week was the birthday of our passionate leader! Rickard, the CEO of Nordic Jobs Worldwide, got his favorite carrot cake to celebrate with and some delicious home made brownies while we sang Happy Birthday.

Weekend is a step away and we are ready for new adventures. Due to our international office, we tend to travel for weekend trips abroad for visiting family and friends, or sometimes simply for holidays. This week(end) the destinations are Cyprus, Spain, England and Hungary!

Remember to contact us if you are interested of job opportunities abroad! We are always happy to answer your questions 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!


Terhi Raudaskoski - Talent Hunter
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