Weekly update – Week 42

Hello all! Can you believe that it is already Friday, again? Time flies, when you are having fun. That’s what they say!

We’ve had a very basic week here at the office. Lot’s of phone calls with our candidates, meetings with clients and even some new clients. This week, we have helped almost 20 people to get a job abroad. Congratulations to all candidates who are taking this exciting step in the next few weeks! Autumn in recruitment in general is a time when a lot of people want to start fresh after the summer, they want to find a new direction in life or take on new challenges. That is why it is great that a lot of client companies are opening up new opportunities as well. One of the exciting new opportunities we’ve opened up this week has been a new client in Cyprus. For them, we are looking for Norwegian (and Dutch and German) sales agents. You can find the Norwegian job description here for example.

Moving on from recruitment, we have had two birthday celebrations at the office this week. Our new Finnish addition Salka and our Hungarian IT recruiter Fruzsina both celebrated their birthdays this week and we had our traditional birthday fika in the lounge. On Fruzsina’s birthday we bought her gingerbread cookies, because we know that she loves Christmas so much, haha! These moments together with the colleagues are special and important. We always sit down for 15-30 minutes, eat treats and laugh together. On Tuesday we sat down in the morning to have a Finnish style breakfast. Our Finnish team, me included, brought a lot of goodies all the way from Finland to serve to our colleagues and introduce some of the treats that are normal in a Finnish breakfast table. To make it a bit more fun, we had a short Kahoot!-quiz about some funny facts about Finland and the Finnish culture. After a morning like this, it was easy be energetic right from the start. And of course, when we had a lot of Finnish chocolate to nibble on after the breakfast too..

We will now continue working for a few hours, getting organized for the upcoming week and then we’ll slide into weekend. We wish you all a very relaxing weekend and hope to talk to you next week. So, if you are contemplating about some things regarding a job opportunity or in general about moving abroad for work, send us an email or give a call to one of the recruiters. You know we serve candidates and clients in 12 different languages at NJW and MJW. 😉 Talk to you soon!

Have an amazing weekend!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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