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Weekly update week 41 – Trip to Dublin

Going on a trip to Dublin on a Wednesday evening, proved to be a good choice. We were at the boarding gate only 25 minutes after arriving at Gardermoen airport (New record!). We landed late in the evening at Dublin Airport, but it was worth it!

First thing I’d like to point out about our trip to Dublin, the Irish are such an open and talkative nation. It’s nice to be able to have chats with new people, and that they’re just happy that you’re there for a conversation!

Once Thursday and Friday arrived, we started with going to one of our clients, their offices were modern and easily accessible by collective transport. It’s good to know that in Dublin you can travel far for a low cost, and it seems to be very efficient. Hopefully more of you guys will get to experience the same as us!

One of the nice things about Dublin is that nature is everywhere. I believe some cities, you’ll struggle to find long plains of grass or a forest, but in Dublin, that’s just 5 minutes away. As a Norwegian, I can confirm that it is indeed a lot of nice nature to experience over there!

After our client visit we went to experience some of Dublin, if you’re like me, you like to able to take some small stops when you’re out to experience a new city. Dublin is great for that, a new and cozy pub is around almost every corner. And Guinness was a must at each stop!

One of our objectives for going to Dublin was a job fair arranged by Top Language Jobs on Saturday. We ended up coming early and stayed late, as there was so many great people at the fair. Both new applicants and other companies, one of our colleagues now has his own little collection of Merch, that he’s very proud of (thank you! /signed mentioned recruit). We’ve now met even more of you guys, that are looking to go abroad and experience new countries. We loved each moment of our interactions and hope to meet even more of you!

Our stand all ready for the fair to start!

All in all, we think this was a great trip. We got some nice experiences and was also once again reminded of how great our clients and locations are!

Today, on Friday, we also had a small celebration for our Top Performer of the month of September. Our Global Delivery Manager managed to handle all of her work tasks, being responsible for all teams in the company, and at the same time reach an amazing result for the month. Great job Henriette, you are a great example and motivator to all colleagues!

With this we are soon going to leave the office to enjoy the weekend and we wish all of you an amazing weekend too, enjoyyy!

Jonas Steen-Hansen - Talent Hunter
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