Weekly update – Week 36

Happy Friday, the weekend is upon us once again! Last week we had our Kick-off to start off the Autumn after everyone had finished their holidays. We had team building, workshops and visited new places.

Everything started on Tuesday, our two Multilingual girls Elisabeth and Jessica held a tour of Oslo. They both  worked as tour guides before starting at MJW. So the tour was really professional and educational. They also had a quiz during the tour where every team had to answer questions about Oslo and its history. We also stopped at an Irish pub to have a break from the warm weather.

Later the same day we went out to eat at Eataly on Aker Brygge. That’s an Italian restaurant that serves pizza and pasta mainly. We had a good time, talked and laughed a lot.

On Wednesday we met up at a new office in Nydalen where we had some individual and team workshops. The workshops were mostly about the future, your individual goals, work tasks and dreams going forward. The team workshop was about the team going forward, where we could improve, what to focus on and what we wanted to achieve as a team. At the end of every workshop we presented our thoughts to the rest of our colleagues. It was a really good experience to speak in front of people and challenge yourself a bit. Also it was nice to hear what everybody wants in life.

I believe this week gave us new energy and new goals going forward. We are now ready for the Autumn. It’s a hectic period in this industry and a lot of opportunities for people wanting a new adventure. Have a nice weekend!

Mads Nybakk - Video and photo content creator
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