Weekly update – Week 34 – Business trip to Malta

Hi guys and happy Friday to all of you! Hope you had an amazing week. Here at the office of Nordic Jobs we have had a very busy week with full focus on recruitment and also a lot of our candidates who have gone off on their new job adventures! 😊

Last week me and our CEO Rickard went on a business trip to Malta to meet up with all our exciting iGaming clients! This was an amazing journey and great for me to finally meet every client in person! They have amazing HR team who work with finding the right talent for their teams.

And … their offices? WOW. It is difficult to describe how amazing offices the iGaming companies have. Can you imagine working in a country where you have over 320 days of sunshine? Where you can go upstairs and sit on a roof terrace to enjoy a beautiful sea view or even see boats passing by? Its impossible not to be impressed!

The iGaming industry is very unique. And that is why I love to work with that industry as well! They offer a fun, energetic and cool environment, take care of all their colleagues and teams, and they always have a lot of company events together. Finding good and loyal people to work for them is important and you will have an amazing possibility to learn, grow and develop in your role.

In fact – many clients told us that candidates that we had presented to them, have started off as Customer Support Agents, but then had learn, grown and developed within the company and today worked as either Team Leader or Marketing Manager for instance. That’s great – right?

Meeting with one of our clients Betway in their office in central Sliema

I have lived on the island for many years myself and I thought it was nice to show our CEO how beautiful island Malta really is and to see the amazing offices and opportunities all the companies offer.

Did you know that many of the companies offer you breakfast, lunch and dinner? Some of them even have their own chef – making food for you! Or why not enjoy a fresh orange juice in the heat? Or if you get tired from a long work day, you can just relax in many of their chill-areas where you can watch a game or maybe play some pool or perhaps play a FIFA game with your mates? The choice is yours!

I think Malta is a great place to live! You have great career possibilities, a big network of Scandinavian speakers, sunshine all year around and the cost of living is really low. The industry offers you positions from Customer Service, to marketing, to IT, to management roles and much more. If you are interested in knowing more about this location or the industry – send an email to me at charlotte@nordicjobsworldwide.com and I will help you out!

How would you like to have this as your office view? 😊

Charlotte Kamlin - Client Relationship Manager
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