Weekly update – Week 3

Happy Friday everyone!

It is already the third week of January 2020! Time flies, and recruiting goes on. New job opportunities open every week for different languages, and we are excited for all our applicants in process – who is going to get a new adventure abroad?

Week 3 – 7 languages, 8 countries

Just this week 15 people hired by us had started a new job. The lucky ones were language speakers of: Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, French and Italian. And the countries? Believe it or not, they are divided to Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Northern Ireland and the Philippines. As we communicate about our worldwide opportunities for a wide selection languages, we also make it reality for those who are ready to take the step forward and go for a new experience!

Yes, the weather is important

Did you know that in Norway, there’s even a channel in the radio that is only for weather forecasts? Discussing weather is important in this culture, so here we go! As you see from the picture above, the days in Oslo have been sunny and beautiful. What shocks us all Winter Lovers, is the lack of snow and the “warm” weather – 6 degrees Celsius in January? That’s at least 10 degrees too warm!

Travels ahead

We are already getting excited for next week – all of us from Nordic Jobs Worldwide are going to pack our bags and fly over to the capital of Portugal! It will be lovely to see the city, meet people that we are daily in contact with, and get to visit some of the offices where our previous applicants are working at. Part of us have already been visiting those offices, but as our teams have been growing since, it will be a new experience for some. We are looking forward to the travels – follow our journey on social media, as we will be posting a lot! 🙂

And the final reminder

Always remember, that if you still don’t know where you would like to go as there are so many opportunities, you can send an email and we will help you to find your dream job. You could even go and view our employees, and send an email straight to the person that speaks your native language. Until next week!


Terhi Raudaskoski - Talent Hunter
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