Weekly update – Week 22

Hello again! How has your week been? We have had a very active week here in Oslo. We are making some bigger changes in the company and there are some exciting things coming up. We will let you know about everything later.

This week was also another shorter week which we have had a lot in Norway lately but we are still working 100%! Currently we have 187 available jobs for multilingual people in 27 different countries and we are waiting for YOU to apply and take your chance at a new adventure. 12 people this week accepted their job offers in our client companies, so we want to wish each and everyone good luck! Let’s see how many will get their chance next week. That is the exciting part about this job, and one the things we most enjoy, helping people with finding their next opportunity.

June is coming up, so summer is really here, finally! We are planning our summer holidays and preparing for a lot of fun with the colleagues. What are your plans? Are you going to travel?

Enjoy your weekend, talk to you next week!

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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