Weekly update – Week 15/2019

Hello all readers at the Nordic Jobs WorldWide blog!

This week we had a full line-up at work! After multiple travels to meet our fantastic clients, we finally had a week full line-up at the office! It’s always nice to see how the energy changes when the whole crew is back at their stations!

We started our week off with some meetings to give a full orientation as to how our partnerships with our clients have evolved and how we as a company can fulfill both our clients and our applicants need! As always, both us and our clients agree that the applicants always come first! Which lead us to coming up with a new system to help our candidates get better feedback and more information, at an earlier time in the process!

As the week went on, we decided to create an Easter mini-clip, to give you guys some insights as to how it is at our office! I must say that it was quite an experience to not know the answer to a single question, but hey, always good to be put in new situations! – If you haven’t seen the video, check it out at our LinkedIn or Facebook!

In the later parts of the week, we’ve been doing some sessions to find out how we can better contact certain markets. Through some sharing and brainstorming, we believe we’ve finally found a solution as to how to show off our great jobs in new markets! Keep your eyes open, as you will be seeing some new stuff coming from us soon!

Today (Friday), some of our colleagues are going on vacation for Easter, so we decided to do a collective breakfast this morning. If you guys haven’t tried it, it’s great to boost the team spirit for the rest of the day! As some of our grumpier morning persons said, this is a good way to be able to start the day a little more smoothly!

And with that, we wish you a great weekend and a nice Easter-vacation to you early birds, from all of us here at Nordic Jobs WorldWide!

Jonas C. Steen-Hansen - Talent Hunter
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