Weekly update – Week 14/2019

This week Nordic Jobs Worldwide brought along a few of our colleagues to go to Athens in Greece! It was an exciting trip, as we were going to visit one of our most important partners.

Our plane left Oslo, early Sunday morning. The trip over to Athens, was as pleasant as it gets, the 4 hour trip went by in a flash! When arriving in Athens you would expect there to be a few delays as the airport is quite big and has a lot of traffic, but we were already in the taxis 15 minutes after landing.

We had the whole Sunday to experience Athens, and we spent it by roaming around the area close to Acropolis and the Parthenon. I think it would be hard to explain how different Athens is compared to a city such as Oslo, where we in Nordic Jobs Worldwide are based. I guess you could say everything has this warm feeling of culture and history.

A bit of work between meetings

After walking around we got to experience Greek food-culture, they have some great traditions when it comes to salads and barbeques. I think Greece would be a great place to go if you’re looking for healthier food choices!

When going on sightseeing in Athens, I believe the best term to describe the city is “endless”. Athens covers an enormous area and every single region has its own special attractions. You get the feeling that Athens has an ocean of different experiences that you can find.

When arriving at the top of Acropolis, I believe you will understand what I mean. Wherever you look, you will see an endless number of houses and buildings. It really is marvelous to get a view of just how huge Athens is.

On Monday we got to meet our client and once again see how professional they are in their work. We had an efficient meeting before we were taken for a trip around their offices to see how their departments was set up and how they choose to create the best possible environment for their employees and colleagues. They provide high quality equipment and follow-up to their employees, always looking to improve.

We followed up our meetings on Tuesday with a meeting with the HR-department of our client and got to see how their recruiters work to create a good experience for new employees and applicants. You’d be surprised how nice it is to talk to those guys, they seem to always have a positive attitude and love to help you achieve your dreams!

But now, we wish you a very good weekend!

Jonas Steen-Hansen - Talent Hunter
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