Weekly update – Week 12

Hello Everyone!

Crazy times we are living in and I think we all can safely say that 2020 has started in an unexpected and strange way. From our point of view, it’s been a great start to the year in quarter 1. We have broken old company records and recruited so many new people to old and new clients and destinations. Yey us!!

Regarding what is happening in the world, we have been working at home since last week. It’s a new and weird situation to adapt to, and it has been sad not to be able to be such a social company as we usually are. BUT, we are making the best of it and every team and colleague have spoken over video chat to keep the relationship close and business running. It’s beautiful spring weather here in Oslo, so we are trying to get as much fresh air and activity as possible, with of course specific restrictions to follow from the government.

New hires have happened, and new partnership started with exciting companies and brands. Even though things are a bit unsure because of the circumstances at the moment, we are staying positive and motivated to what the future holds.

We are hoping to get back to normal very soon and for all the borders to open up again. The good news currently is that there still are multiple clients who are continuing with their recruitment processes. They have different approaches to the situation, either they have postponed the start dates for their available positions until summer or they have flexible start dates. Some are still accepting for example local candidates and when the time comes to start, they can have you onboarded online. There are many solutions to this situation too, so if you are eager to apply for your next dream job, you don’t necessarily need to stop. Once this situation is resolved, you can have your new job in your pocket and start working! If you want more information about how to apply for jobs during these times, don’t be afraid to contact us, we are here to help!

To stay updated on all new jobs, you can keep checking the open positions section on our website or our official LinkedIn page, where we will update all new openings each week. You can find it here.

Stay healthy, positive and optimistic – speak soon!

Marte Larsen Holt - Delivery Manager
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