Weekly update – Week 10/2019

Hello everyone and welcome to a throwback on this week!

This Friday morning at Nordic Jobs, we started the morning by celebrating the International Women’s Day. This week we have been able to create more success with both our clients and candidates, which is a perfect way to celebrate. And of course with the 17 happy candidates who got a job offer this week in 10 different companies. We call this a WIN-WIN situation. And we are happy to be a part of it all.

The first week of March is over, and we continue working towards great results. We create success by having great relationships with our clients, and this is always a main focus. Therefore, we are preparing part of the Oslo team to visit some of our clients in Lisbon next week. We also have some new open positions to share with you, some of them are in Stockholm, Malta and Ireland. We continue to develop a strong team with recruiters that specialize in languages, in Igaming, customer support, IT, sales and many other categories. Feel free to reach out to us, at any time.

Team spirit is important in our company, A great success with a big client was created this week by teamwork, a sales representative position in Finland was offered and accepted! This week we are also happy to welcome our new colleague, Ruben, in our Barcelona team.

And now, happy weekend everybody!

Ann-Kathrine Kreiberg Simonsen - International Recruiter
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