Weekly update from the office, week 50

Friday greetings from the Olso office!

Week 50 has been a successful week with 8 new placements and many fruitful client meetings. As 2018 is coming to an end, we have also mapped the recruitment need for 2019 with good success. On Friday we held a meeting where everyone of our recruiters presented an overview of our results and forecasts for each of our clients and partners. It was exciting to hear about the success we’ve had and it served as great motivation for the months to come! During the week we also held a competition, in which Frida took home the win. Congrats!

Our CEO Rickard is currently visiting the Barcelona office where we have some exciting things going on! During the week Nina and Björn also visited Finland, where they conducted interviews and met with one of our clients.

Be sure to check out our Christmas calendar here to participate in the competition! The winner will get an amazing price!

Kasper Sjöblom - Delivery Manager & International Recruiter






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