Weekly update from the office – Week 33

Friday! The best day of the week, in my opinion. Usually, on Fridays, we have a great, happy atmosphere at the office. Often we get information about placed candidates, and as we all know, good news is a sure way to lift everyone’s spirits to a new level. Sometimes we even go out together after work or eat and hang out at the office in the evening. So many fun and positive things come to mind when thinking about Fridays.

This week the weather has been amazing in Oslo and we have been enjoying lunches outside on the terrace, and on Wednesday some of our colleagues went out to a park close by after office hours. Just to enjoy the warm weather, sunshine, some games, and each other’s company. Such a fun evening!

This week there have been some changes in the situation with Co-vid 19 in Europe but it hasn’t affected any recruitments. If you didn’t know, most of our clients are taking measures to make sure new hires will be able to start in their new positions regardless of the situation. That is why you shouldn’t be too scared to apply for a job abroad during this time. We will take things step by step and help you all the way!

If you have any questions or concerns about anything related to applying for jobs abroad and moving to another country during this time.

Nina Filpus - Marketing Manager
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